The adequate use of information is essential in health crises to react quickly and appropriately and to use limited resources efficiently and effectively. Nevertheless, this task often falls short...

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Better data. Better decisions. Better lives.

In humanitarian crises, we often know too little and too late. Without knowledge on the scope of an emergency and available resources, urgently required response is frequently not allocated to those who need it most. To help to address this challenge, we developed a common digital decision support system for humanitarian operations - OSCAR.

We work to establish an integrated information platform...

The open-source system OSCAR combines data from various existing sources, such as data from primary and secondary sources, into a common situation picture and enables its analysis. This creates the conditions for a more coherent and faster response.

...adding value with certain analytical capabilities to strengthen pandemic prevention in the context of COVID-19 and beyond...


Monitor trends in morbidity, mortality and service delivery (including mobilization and status of emergency response) at national and subnational levels

Early Warning

Rapidly detect: outbreaks and health crises at community level

Risk Assessment

Combine capacity and epidemiological information to determine risks

Nowcasting and Forecasting

Determine current and future health service demands

... for preparedness, response & recovery!

Base Map

Earthquake Shakemap + Population density

Fully vaccinated children over 1 year + Selected hospital isochrones

Covid-19 cases map + main health sites

Covid-19 Dashboard

Covid-19 Dashboard

...becoming part of OSCAR...

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Become a OSCAR user and take advantage of what others have developed to be better prepared for humanitarian crises.

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As a developer become a part of the community and help us to improve the open-source project OSCAR.

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Learn about and share best practices and access expertise, technologies and knowledge on global standards.

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OSCAR is open-source and available on Github .

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Development, field piloting, training and scientific evaluation of OSCAR is jointly done with:


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download our fact sheet:

Fact Sheet

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OSCAR is an initiative of KfW, the German government's international finance institution. The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is the original funder of the initiative. Get in touch to join the discussion on improving decision making in humanitarian operations.


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